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Compact and simple video chat and instant messaging software

Recent surveys indicate that in 97.42% of examined cases, using foxes as communication means, or even relying on trained and experienced currier pigeons, is not as effective as using modern technology. Besides, modern technology don't get flees back home and it doesn’t chew the furniture.
Should you require a more environmentally friendly and convenient means of communications, try VZOchat Video Chat. This compact and easy to use software program provides a great solution for holding free Internet video chats and free instant messaging. It suits any broadband or even dial-up connection. Being simple and compact doesn’t prevent it from working with most PCs and web cameras, from supporting connections while both users use firewalls, and even from working through HTTPS and SOCKS proxies.
Video chats can be viewed in good quality on a regular window or in full screen mode. Video chats can also be recorded, as long as both parties agree, as the software program provides this feature. Video conferences are also supported, allowing 120 users to participate that can be selected out of a featured address book. Should you have a 'no-no-list' comprised of people you don’t want to talk to, VZOchat supports ban list management and screening unwanted calls.
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